DOG WALKING provides a flexible daily or occasional Dog Walk service that is tailored to the needs of the animal.

If you contact for the first time, we will arrange a first meeting with you and your dog.
We want to know you and your pet, to fully understand your and the pets walking and care requirements.
The race, age, energy and temperament of your dog are important factors.

Our services include lunchtime walks for dogs and home visits for older dogs and puppies. provide walks for dogs who need one to one care. There is no additional charge for this service which is provided outside of the lunchtime hours.

Dog Walking

  1. We never let dogs off the lead. Unless you have your own secure garden for us to play with them.
  2. We don’t post pictures on Facebook of where we walk your dog.
  3. We don’t socialise your dog on walks. We want your dog to get their full walk in a safe and fun environment.
  4. We never walk dogs in groups. All of our walks are done on a one-on-one basis.
  5. We never talk about your dog. We would never discuss the details of your dog.

If you would like to discuss Dog Walking options with us, then please give us a call on 042-942 0 567.