Our Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests must be submitted via the Housesitter.ie secure online system.  After you log in, select the appropriate dates on the home screen, and press ‘cancel’ on the services that need to be cancelled. Until you receive notice via email that your services have been cancelled as requested, services are not cancelled. We always apply our cancellation policies regardless of Covid or any other unpredictable event. Please note that these fees are the minimum amount required for us to reserve your space in our schedule.

Why is the Cancellation Policy Important for Clients & Staff of Housesitter.ie

Housesitter.ie takes great care of both our clients and our employees. Fairness to all involved is ensured by the cancellation policies

We regret to turn away any of our excellent clients because we are fully booked, but this does occasionally happen. cancellation policies help to keep space available in our schedule for those who really need it because we are only booking services with those who are certain they need us and know that cancellation policies apply should they need to cancel. We would hate to turn away a client because we are full, only to have someone cancel on short notice whose space we could have given to someone who needed it. This often happens around holidays and school holiday weeks, when our schedule is full, and many clients wait until the last minute to cancel, which makes it impossible for us to help the clients we had turned away.

Also, our excellent Pet Sitters set aside time in their busy schedules to help our clients. We believe that our sitters deserve to be compensated when their work is cancelled on short notice. Imagine a job where the work you do could be canceled at any time. The cancellation of one or two visits may not seem like a big deal, but imagine if several clients all cancel a few visits during the same week. We want to keep all of our top-notch pet sitters employed with Housesitter.ie for a very long time, so we choose to pay them for services that are cancelled on short notice.

We have put in place our cancellation policies in order to serve our pets and clients in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

For any visit that is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice from the start of the visit time window, payment in full is required. The above fees are in addition to any short-term booking fees.

If you cancel your Home boarding with less than 30 days notice, a flat rate of 20EUR per night is charged.


When schools are closed due to bad weather, cancellation fees will be waived when the cancellation is submitted via login at least 6 hours before the scheduled time window. In the event of extreme weather, Housesitters will, at their discretion, waive cancellation fee. To be eligible for a waiver, cancellations must be received via login six hours before the start of the visit time window.