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The crazy clever cleaning cloth from nature

From Germany


We at Housitter.ie work with as little chemicals as possible to protect our guests and to increase their well-being.
The PUZZFUXX cloth gives you the opportunity to work gently but still have a very high cleaning effect.
If you e.g. clean an animal’s eyes, then lukewarm water and a Puzzfuxx cloth are sufficient. No chemistry, no sore eyes.
Your animal and you will love it.

The PUZZFUXX also picks up hair and releases it in the clear water. The cloth is clean and odourless again after rinsing it with clear water. The Cloth can be used in the entire house. (and cars)

Now available in our shop.


Our teacher is nature. There are neither surfactants nor solvents there. However, plants clean themselves without mechanical action. The rainwater that runs off is sufficient for them. But why is it like that? The answer: Because they release organic carbon, which makes the water on the leaf surface very soft and therefore active in cleaning. An effect that can only be achieved in the household with cleaning chemicals.


PUZZFUXX plant fibre towels use the same Cleaning properties like plants in nature because they contain biological carbon. This results in the 2nd effect of the cloth,
the cleaning water is activated, and the cloth can clean itself perfectly. This is how pure and relaxed water becomes the most natural cleaning agent in the world. And best of all, he cloth cleans itself back in clear water and is clean and odourless again. The microfibrils of the PUZZFUXX are 30 times thinner than cotton fibre and 100 times thinner than a human hair.


PUZZFUXX requires almost no chemical cleaning agents. This not only saves money but also protects the environment and the oceans. Thanks to the micro-technological process with which PUZZFUXX is produced from rapidly renewable raw materials, PUZZFUXX protects the environment in two ways.

“A drop does not yet fill the ocean, but many drops make rain and many rains fill the oceans. Every drop counts!” D. Reichle


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