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GimCat Superfood Immunity Duo-Paste 50 g

GimCat Superfood Immunity Duo-Paste 50 g

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Delicous paste with a dual function: treat your cat and help to boost its immune system.

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GimCat Superfood Immunity Duo-Paste is the perfect combination of liver and healthy superfoods. Wild berries are naturally rich in antioxidants and vital substances. The MacroGard they contain activates the immune system and improves your cat’s well-being.

Feeding instructions

6 cm daily, either directly from the tube or added to food (1 cm paste = approx. 0.5 g). Feed at room temperature.

Product composition

Derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, fruit (dried forest fruits, 4%), yeasts, (MacroGard, 1.5%), minerals, meat and animal derivatives (dried liver, 1%)

Nutritional values

Protein 2.5 %
Fat content 31.5 %
Crude ash 6.5 %
Crude fiber 0.5 %
Moisture 12.0 %

Additives per 1 kg

Vit. D3: 1.350 I.U. Vit. E: 175 mg Vit. B1: 27 mg Vit. B2: 19 mg Vit. B6: 12 mg Vit. B12: 108 mcg Vit. K3: 3,1 mg Calcium-D-Pantothenate: 27 mg Niacine: 191,5 mg Biotine: 368 mcg Taurine: 2.000 mg folic acid: 3,7 mg Contains antioxidant

Additional information

Weight 0.062 kg
Dimensions 125 x 45 x 40 mm


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